About Pebbly Beach

Pebbly Beach is on the New South Wales South Coast, about 300 km south of Sydney and 22 km north of Batemans Bay. It is within the Murramarang National Park.

You can find out more about the history of Pebbly Beach here.

The main beach near the cabins is in fact a sand beach, suitable for swimming. At the south end of the beach is a rock platform and beyond that is an extensive pebble beach. There is another pebble beach over the headland to the north. Above the main beach and dunes there are extensive grassy areas. There are shady areas with trees including tall spotted gums as well as small pockets of rainforest.

Pebbly Beach is surrounded by hills including Durras Mountain to the north. There is an excellent walk to the top of Durras Mountain and to Snake Bay.

Kangaroo welcome
Pebbly Beach scene


Pebbly Beach is within Murramarang National Park, so there is abundant wildlife around the beach and cabins.

The hills surrounding Pebbly Beach are covered with extensive forests. The forests are home to a great variety of animals and colourful birds. Pebbly Beach is one of the best places in Australia to see kangaroos.

Dolphins are often seen playing close to shore near the rock platforms or beach.

During whale watching seasons humpback whales and southern right whales are often seen close to Pebbly Beach. For the whole of June and the first week of July the whales are migrating north along the New South Wales Coast. They return south from September to November. Often they can be seen quite close to shore at Pebbly. Look for the plume of spray as the whales surface after a dive.

King Parrot
Bower Bird


In the tall eucalypt forests the most common tree is the spotted gum. Burrawang palms and a variety of bushes form the understorey.

There are pockets of rainforest in steep sheltered gullies. Rainforest trees, vines and cabbage tree palms make up the dense vegetation.

Along the coast is low, windswept forest of spotted gum.


Native Animals & Birds

Behind the beach and around the cabins there are extensive grassy areas where kangaroos graze. Goannas are often seen around the cabins. Birds include kookaburras, crimson rosellas, satin bowerbirds, king-parrots, galahs and yellow-tailed black cockatoos. The ground dwelling lyrebird can be seen in the bush or on the road near the campsites at dusk. Sea birds include oyster catchers and sea eagles.

Native Aminals and Birds at pebble beach NSW
Native Aminals and Birds at pebble beach NSW
Native Aminals and Birds at pebble beach NSW
Native Aminals and Birds at pebble beach NSW