For maps of the short walks in Murramarang National Park look at the National Park brochure which Yvonne and Stuart provide at your cabin. For longer walks you may need more detailed maps. CMA 1:25,000 maps for the Park are Kioloa 8926-I-N (northern end) and Durras 8926-I-S (southern end). These are available at most newsagents, tourist information offices and general stores in the area.

When bush walking, especially on longer walks, make sure you carry water, food, sun screen, a hat, warm clothes, a waterproof jacket and a torch. You will find more information on the National Parks website.

There are other walks in national parks and reserves within driving distance of Pebbly Beach such as Murramarang Aboriginal Area, Cullendulla Creek Nature Reserve near Batemans Bay, Meroo National Park just south of Ulladulla, Narrawallee Creek Nature Reserve north of Milton, Conjola/Cudmirrah National Park north of Milton and Morton National Park. For more information on walks in these other Parks phone the National Parks office on 02 4887 7270.

Walks from Pebbly Beach

Walking along the beach

Up to 2 hours return - depending on how far you go, easy. Check the tides before you go on this walk.

Walk south along the beach. You will reach a rock platform, then beyond that an extensive pebble beach, with stones of all colors and sizes.

Beyond the pebble beach you will come to Depot Beach, a long sandy beach. There is a small town there. You can walk further around a couple of small bays till you reach the headland opposite Grasshopper Island, just off the coast.

The walk takes about 2 hours return. top

Walk north along the coast

2 hrs 30 mins return to Snake Bay, easy-medium

The track starts behind the northern group of cabins. Follow the track up the hill and down the other side and you will come to a large flat area behind a pebble beach.

The track goes west through the flat, crosses a creek and then makes its way up a hill to the north. After some time you will see a sign that marks a side track on the left to Durras Mountain. A little further along the main northern track there is a sign pointing to Clear Point on the right. Clear point (1.7 km, 35 mins from Pebbly) is a grassy headland where kangaroos often graze. There are also large rock platforms around the Point that can be explored but take care to find a safe route down to these.

The main northern track continues past Clear Point and goes for quite a distance as far as Snake Bay (3.9 km, 1hr 15 mins from Pebbly). The track finishes here but it is possible, if the tide is not too high (don't forget you have to come back), to then walk along rock platforms and beaches as far as Pretty Beach and beyond.

Walk back the way you came. If you get as far as Pretty Beach (8.4 km, 3 hrs 30 mins from Pebbly) you also have the option of returning via Durras Mountain (see below). Allow most of the day if you go this far. top

Durras Mountain

4 hrs return, medium difficulty with very steep sections.

For the first part of this walk see the description for the walk north along the coast (above).

When you reach the sign on the main northern track that points to Durras Mountain, take the indicated track to the left. This leads to the old road up the mountain (now closed to vehicular traffic). The road zig zags up the Mountain for a while and then goes straight up a steep ridge. This is a long steep ascent.

Near the top you will come to a gate and soon after this a T intersection with another road. Turn right and this will lead you onto the main ridge across the top of the Mountain. You will see the remains of an old water storage tank on the right. Continue along the road and up a short hill to the top of the Mountain where there is a trig point, a large water storage tank and a large grassy area from which there are views up and down the coast. This is an ideal spot for a picnic.

Return the way you came. The return trip takes about 4 hours. It is also possible from the summit to walk further along the Mountain and down to Pretty Beach and return via the coast (see below). top

Walk to Pretty Beach via Durras Mountain

7 hrs return, medium-difficult, a long walk with very steep sections. Check the tides before you go on this walk.

Remember that the return trip is partly along beaches and rock platforms so plan so as not to be doing this part of the trip at high tide.

For the first part of this walk, see the descriptions for walking north along the coast and the Durras Mountain walk (above).

From the trig point on Durras Mountain continue walking north along the road. You will come across the site of an old farm house. Only a few remains of the house are present but there are fruit trees around the site. You will come to some forks in the road. Keep to the road along the ridge, generally the right hand fork. The ridge and road will eventually start heading down the Mountain toward Pretty Beach. After some time there is the remains of an old road on the right where it is possible to descend directly to the Pretty Beach camping ground but if in doubt continue to the T intersection and turn right onto the main road which will get you to Pretty Beach.

Walk down to the beach from the Pretty Beach camping ground and walk back to Pebbly Beach along the beaches and rock platforms till you reach Snake Bay. The track back to Pebbly Beach starts there.

The walk takes about 7 hours. top

Walks starting a distance from Pebbly Beach

Rainforest walk at Depot Beach

30 min loop, easy

This is a loop track that starts at the Depot Beach car park and winds through coastal rainforest. There are information signs along th track. It is easy and can be completed in about 30 minutes. top

Rainforest Discovery Trail near Durras Lake

45 min loop, easy

Travelling from Pebbly Beach along the Mount Agony Road, turn left onto the North Durras Road. As you decend a steep hill look for the gravel road on the right marked "Lake Road to Discovery Trail". This road leads to a car park by the Lake from where the trail begins and ends.

This is an ideal walk to see rainforest vegetation. The trail has some steps and takes about 45 minutes.

The trail has information signs about the forest as well as forestry history and forest management information from when the area was a State forest. top

Durras Lake walk

4 hrs return, easy-medium

The track starts at a small car park on the Mount Agony Road, about two thirds of the way back to the Highway from Pebbly Beach on the left hand side of the road.

There is a small stand of Sydney blue gums near the beginning of the track, which soon leads to the shore of Durras Lake. The track stays close to the shore of the Lake except for one stretch that goes over a small hill to bypass a long peninsula into the Lake. There are views of the Lake with its abundance of bird life.

Toward the end, the track joins the Rainforest Discovery Trail. You can walk this trail as well before returning the same way.

Alternatively you can start the walk at the car park at the beginning of the Discovery Trail. top

Pigeon House Mountain

5 hrs return, difficult with very steep sections and ladders at the summit

It is a longer drive to Pigeon House Mountain in Morton National Park. This is a long steep walk.

From the car park it is a long, steep ascent up to a plateau. The track proceeds across the plateau to the foot of the main ascent of the Mountain. Again, this is long and steep and you have to climb a ladder at the end to get to the top.

The area on top is quite large with lookouts from which you can see the rugged cliffs and valleys of the Clyde River and its tributaries or look out towards the coast. Take care near cliff edges. Towards the south east you can see Durras Mountain above Pebbly Beach. On a clear day you can see as far south as Mount Dromaderry.

Return by the same way to the car park. Take care in the steep sections. top

The walk takes 5 hours return.

Southern Coast Walk - Batemans Bay to Narrawallee

There is now a walk that can be done over a large stretch of the coast from the North Head at Batemans Bay to Narrawallee Inlet, north of Ulladulla.

Pebbly Beach is an ideal base for doing sections of this walk or a place to stay along the way if you are doing the entire walk.

Ask for a brochure about the walk from tourist information offices in the area. top